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Our Heritage

  Woods sits on a parcel of land that's use as a farm dates back to the early development of our country, and was part of the original 200 acres that was granted to Nathaniel Parks by William Penn in 1684.

Daily reminders of our heritage are the Nicklin-Trimble House on Huntingdon Farm Drive, built in 1720 by Joseph Nicklin, and the adjacent home that around 1998 was converted from a barn, which was built in 1880 by Samuel Trimble, to the current residence.
1720 Nicklin-Trimble House 1880 Samuel Trimble Barn Conversion

The farm included 104 acres from about 1772 until sold for development in 1996. For part of the period, the farm was called "Huntingdon Farm". For more information on these properties, click here for the Nicklin-Trimble House, or for the converted Samuel Trimble barn, click here.

We have acquired some old photo's of a family from the era that the farm was active. We are trying to get more information concerning the photo's (family name, year, etc) and will add whatever information becomes available. Click here to view photo's.

You can learn more about the history of  Concord Township and Delaware county by clicking here for informative links.

Ryan Homes Develops Concord Woods

As noted in the above "Heritage" section, the land that included the property once known as "Huntingdon Farm",  including both homes pictured above, was sold for development in 1996. Extensive "earth moving" and "site development" went on for at least 18 months before home construction began, and probably continued for two years in total, with first homes being occupied in approximately late 1997.

The Concord Woods Sales Office (a temporary sales trailer) opened on March 8, 1997, and sold out Section 1 of the Development (approximately 1st 31 homes closest to Cheyney Road) within 4 hrs of opening at 11am, and before the site preparation was even complete or a home built. Concord Woods was the 1st new development in the area for many years, and the new construction plus the Garnet Valley School District was a big attraction!

Ryan offered seven models for sale, each with a variety of "Elevations", and links that follow will take you to the artwork from the original sales brochures:

Bainbridge Elevation C Chandler Elevation A & B Victoria Elevation D
Bainbridge Elevation A & B Devonshire Elevation F Victoria Elevation A & C
Belvedere Elevation C Devonshire Elevation G Zachary Elevation C
Belvedere Elevation A & B Vandenburg Elevation C Zachary Elevation A & B
Chandler Elevation C Vandenburg Elevation A & B  

Pictured below are two pictures, both from approximately the top of the hill on Huntingdon Farm Drive, looking toward Big Woods drive, during and after construction:
Early 1998  March 2009 

The site was developed by Ryan in three phases. Site Plan 1 shows the first two phases of development while Site Plan 2 shows the last areas developed.

Management Turned Over to the The Concord Woods Home Owners Association

Once Ryan Homes finished construction, management of the common property and enforcement of the covenants and restrictions, as well as maintenance of the By-Laws for the Association, was turned over to the Concord woods Home Owners Association, the sponsors of this web site, which is intended for the use and convenience of the residents of Concord Woods. Webmaster note: All residents thank and owe a debt of gratitude to those who have unselfishly given of their valuable time to serve as Council (Board) Members for our Concord Woods Home Owners Association, and who have worked so hard to keep us all informed and together as a community! Click here for their names.

Concord Woods Today/Contact Us

Today Concord Woods is a thriving community of 101 homes, with friendly neighbors that always welcome newcomers to the development. Weather permitting, parents enjoy meeting other parents of small children while the children play at the "tot Lot" on Huntingdon Farm drive. There are 80+ acres of open space within Concord Woods including the entrance, tot lot, pond and woods. PECO has a right of way to access the high tension power lines, which Concord Woods residents can use as a walking path. The entrance is on Cheyney Road, where the gate is located (directly across from the break in the fence of the Garnet Valley Woods development). This path can also be reached behind the homes along the one side of Huntingdon Farm Drive and Big Woods Drive. The open space assures us of continued privacy from construction along our Development perimeters.

Should you have any questions concerning the development or the Home Owners Association, please feel free to contact us.


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