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Concord Woods Town Watch (CWTW)
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Concord Woods Town Watch (CWTW)

Police services are provided to Concord Township by Troop K of the Pennsylvania State Police, operating out of the Media Barracks located at 1342 West Baltimore Pike. The Township additionally has a Public Safety Advisory Committee, and inspired by them, a Concord Town Watch Program was established as an independent, non-profit corporation in 2011.

Through the efforts of the Concord Town Watch Program, various parts of the Township are encouraged to organize their own program under the auspices of the
broader Township wide program. Areas with Home Owners Associations were targeted first as they have the existing structure in place to provide the organizational/communications network to make it happen. The general organizational structure and relationships of the various groups are depicted in the linked chart.

Concord Woods resident Marty McCormick stepped up and volunteered to your Home Owners Association Board to organize a passive Concord Woods Town Watch Program if they would support it with communications and other organizational support. They agreed, and on May 31, 2013, the program was announced to Concord Woods residents. Marty is currently serving as the acting director. Please note the following from Marty's announcement letter:

"It is to be noted that this program is Resident driven and is based on the premise that as a resident of Concord Woods "If you see something that worries you or gives you concern regarding a Neighborhood safety issue, say something". Your Block Captains have volunteered to be of assistance in helping you to decide on the proper course of action to deal with your issue. Note however that, under no circumstances, should you delay calling 911 directly and immediately yourself if you observe or are involved in an emergency situation."

Concord Woods Town Watch Volunteer Block Captains

Concord Woods Town Watch Block Captains are identified in the password protected section of this website in order to protect their privacy from the public (cell phone numbers, etc). Residents have been provided with the password to the protected section, but saving the Block Captain information list to your computers desktop, or some other convenient location, is recommended for quick & easy access. If you are a resident, and do not have the password to the protected section, e-mail Webmaster@concordwoods.com to obtain the password.

Block Captain locations throughout the Concord Woods development can be found by clicking here.

Concord Woods Town Watch Mission Statement

Mission Statement